Proline Braided Lines

Proline Braided Lines

Wilwood Brake Proportioning Valve - Lever Adjustment

Sale price$106.00
Size:3/8 UNF

This Wilwood brake proportioning valves is adjustable between 100 and 1,000 psi with a flip of a lever.  This valve can also reduce pressure up to 57 percent.


You can adjust brake bias quickly and easily to compensate for changing track conditions, or if required big and little tire combinations.


Wilwood machines each proportioning valve from billet aluminium and gives it a durable anodized finish. Some internal components are constructed from steel for added strength and durability.


Available with either m10x1.0 or 3/8 UNF ports


This version is lever adjustment with 6 adjustment levels, there is also a screw knob version available separately.