Custom Lines

Cant find what you are looking for or need lines made to meet your specific needs?

Here at Proline Braided Lines we offer a custom service whether you know what you need or are after advice, we are here to guide you through the process with our expert knowledge to deliver you exactly what you need.

Lines can be made to any length with any fittings you require, in all of the colours we offer. We have a vast catalogue of caliper lines which we are adding to the website regularly as well as our ABS delete kits so may have what you need already.

Our ABS delete kits can be custom made to suit your vehicle if you cant find yours on our website. We can either help guide you through the process or offer a service where you can bring your car to us and we will measure it for you.

For all custom lines and services please feel free to get in touch with us using the messenger feature on our website which you will find on the bottom right of the screen or head to the contact us page which you will find at the bottom of the page.

Looking for more information on our products? Here we showcase the brands we work with to make sure we can supply you with the very best products available. Take a look and shop with confidence

Proline Braided Lines

Braided Brake Lines and clutch lines

To guarantee the best braided brake lines and clutch lines available we use the very best quality hose and fittings. To do this we work with HEL Performance who make all of the fittings and hose here in the UK from the finest stainlesss steel. These are supplied to us where we then swage the fittings in-house to produce all our kits from our braided caliper line kits all the way to our ABS delete kits using our knowledge and expertise to offer you the best products available. This also gives us the ability to quality control our products as they are produced and keep turnaround times down as production is all in-house as well as to take custom orders to make sure we can meet your needs.

Proline Braided Lines

Fuel Lines and Oil Lines

BMRS ProGold is our product of choice for all our fuel and oil lines supplying hose and fittings available in all sizes from AN6 to AN32. The one-piece billet construction makes PROGold fittings the ultimate race fitting. With no welded, glued or brazed joints, the result is a strong, reliable fitting of the best quality available. The constant internal radius provides maximum flow rates with no necked down restrictions. But its not only the fitting which are superior ProGold hose ensures maximum flexibility with unrivaled minimum bend radius with no variation in performance at high or low temperature and at high pressure or extreme vacuum. Used throughout the motorsport world from F1, GT, BTCC and beyond